Our products have a natural, earthy appeal with a non-uniform, non-slip, textured surface. Our wide range of exceptional quality and beautifully designed cement paving products ensures that there is something to meet your individual paving, cladding, building and landscaping needs. Our products are durable and versatile and the non-slip finish makes them ideal for use in outdoor areas including patios/verandahs, driveways, footpaths, entertainment areas, pool surrounds, garden edging, driveway kerbing and walls.

Precast Cement Products
Our precast cement products are available in the following colours:
light brown
light brown blend
sandstone blend
Pressed Cement Products
Our pressed cement products are available in the following colours:
Please note, however, that whilst our colour mixes remain consistent, the products will vary in shade from batch to batch, as is the case with authentic, natural stone products. This is due to the natural changes in the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. Colours on this web page may differ from the actual colours of our products. We therefore recommend and welcome you to visit us at our factory and office to view and collect samples of our products.
Flagstones must be transported in an upright position. Products should be carried by hand to the laying area. Transportation by wheelbarrow etc is not recommended as the tipping of cobbles and flagstones from the wheelbarrow will result in chipping.
For the overall appearance and life span of our products it is imperative that the product is layed correctly. Country Stone cc cannot be held responsible for poor workmanship. Important Note: Please be aware that should any cement, grouting or adhesive be left to dry on our products it will stain. It is , therefore, essential to wash all adhesive and grouting off our products immediately with clean water and a clean sponge.
It is not necessary to seal our products but should you wish to enhance the colour thereof or protect your paved area from staining from fats and oils a sealant can be used. Moisture and efflorescence trapped in pavers may result in discolouration of the paver. For this reason it is recommended that newly laid pavers be allowed to dry out fully before a sealant is applied. Where Country Stone products are used around a salt chlorinated swimming pool or near the sea, it is strongly recommended that the coping and paving is sealed so as to protect against salt erosion. Country Stone cc will not entertain any product claims where a sealant has not been used in these cases. Sealants can dramatically change the visual appearance of concrete products. We therefore recommend that a sealant is tested on a sample area first before the entire area is treated to ensure that you are satisfied with the result.
A good maintenance system is important for keeping your paving looking good and for ensuring that you get the best from your investment. The following hints will help you achieve this:
Sweep and hose down your paved areas regularly to keep them debris and dust free. Use a stiff broom and a solution of hot water and washing up liquid to remove dirt and algae, in affected areas, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Repeat this procedure if necessary. Prolonged contact with wet leaves can result in the staining of your paved area. Whilst you should try to avoid this wherever possible, should an uncleanable stain appear you can remove the affected units and replace them with new pavers.
Stain Removal
Due to the porous nature of concrete products please be aware that oil, grease and cooking fat penetrates into concrete but prompt removal of a spill should prevent staining. When a spill occurs, soak up the spill with an absorbent cloth, cover the affected area with an oil/alkaline degreasant and wash off immediately. Avoid rubbing or wiping the spill as this will only spread the stain and drive the oil deeper into the concrete. Repeat if necessary.
A fungicide (with an acid content of below 5%) or basic household bleach (diluted 1:5 with water) should be effective in removing moss. It may take a few days for a wash to be effective. It is recommended that washes are applied in dry weather so as to avoid having it washed away by rain. It is important to note that excessive or incorrect use of this cleaning method may result in damage to the surface of the product. In many cases, high pressure water cleaners can be used to remove growths without having to use fungicides or household detergents. However, sand may be washed out of the joints or your grouting could be damaged so try to keep this method of cleaning to a minimum (if used at all) and remember to re-sand the joints if necessary.
Every effort has been made in this brochure to give the best advice. Country Stone cc cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained in using our products, nor can they be held liable for products being used for any purposes other than those for which they were intended.
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